Wednesday, 4 March 2015

35 Week Update

Wow - only 5 weeks to go! How scary does that sound?! Time really is just flying past! Anytime between now and 7 weeks little man could make his appearance. Everything is ready and waiting - apart from our hospital bags which are just missing the odd one or two things each - but it still doesn't feel real! I wish I could rewind and do it all again as I feel I haven't had enough time to enjoy or appreciate being pregnant enough! I really am going to miss my bump. I've only really had a proper one for the last 11 weeks but I've loved watching it grow a tiny bit more everyday to the beautiful big bump it is now! I've never felt so happy with my body (even if it is carrying a whole load of extra rolls!) and I adore feeling all of little man's stretches and hiccups which seems an every night occurrence now and last for ages, bless him!

At my midwife appointment last week she told me that he is head down and straight up, facing my right hand side with his legs curled under my ribs which would explain all the jabs I get! This was exactly how I thought he was lying and I don't think he's changed position since my last scan at 22 weeks. My placenta is right at the front under my belly button so I don't feel a lot of movement anymore but I'm pretty sure I got a feel of his bum and foot/leg the other day which was extremely cute! I wish I could see more of his movements from the outside but I'm hoping I'll be able to as he gets bigger over the next few weeks and runs out of room. His little wriggles have turned to stretches now as he's slowly getting too big for his home!

I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks over the last week or so ranging from tight, sharp pains to menstrual-like cramps in both my tummy and back. I've also felt quite nauseous at times which I worried was the start of early labour as it was along with cramping and other symptoms but luckily it passed so I'm just ignoring it when it happens now as it tends to pass after an hour or so. The last couple of weeks I've started to feel more 'heavily pregnant' and get out of breath and achy a lot. Even getting up from a chair is becoming a slight struggle (think beached whale) and bathing on my own is definitely a no go as I found out last week when I laid down and couldn't get back up again! I literally had to be yanked up! Sleeping started to become an issue a couple of weeks ago aswell which made me feel constantly run down and emotional. Between really bad acid reflux and waking for a wee a million times a night sleep seemed impossible! Luckily after discovering Ranitidine - my new best friend - I'm managing to get a full night's sleep every night which seems such a luxury and has definitely made me feel so much better! I want all the sleep I can get before little man arrives! I think my bump may have dropped slightly aswell over the last few days as I can actually sit up without feeling squished or breathless - another luxury!

I've picked up some great bargains in the charity shops over the last few months from a £5 Mamas and Papas highchair to a £2 Sit Me Up Cosy to various ELC wooden toys and sensory books for next to nothing. But my absolute favourite bargain has to be these Zara shorts above for... 20p!!! These are exactly the kind of summer shorts I had in mind to buy when little man was here so to find a really good brand in such good condition and completely by chance was so exciting! I also managed to pick up a pair of jeans, a jumper and a long sleeve top all from Zara and all for 20p along with some other gorgeous goodies! I've also picked up a Zara denim shirt for next summer for £1 but that doesn't seem such a bargain now!

So scrummy!

I've also been shopping for myself and picked up a few different style crop tops in Primark to take in to hospital. I'm still hoping for a water birth and don't want to feel restricted by a tight fitting bikini top so thought a crop top would be best. I don't know what's going to feel more comfortable or be most practical at the time so I've got a cropped cami top, a cropped off the shoulder vest top and a cropped ribbed t-shirt to choose from! I also decided to start the painful task of trying on nursing bras today - big boob issues! - and think I'm going to need a 36H?! Yes that is actually a size and no I'm not falling forward when I walk! They really are the most unflattering things in the world as I desperately need underwired but I know they'll feel like heaven once I'm feeding and I did manage to find a pretty design in Debenhams which makes it slightly more bearable!

I really can't believe I only have a maximum of 7 weeks left until my life is turned upside down and I'll have a tiny baby lying on the changing mat I see everyday and in the car seat that I pass everyday in the hall ready to go! They'll be a little body in all the tiny sleepsuits and scrummy wriggly toes in all the tiny socks! They'll finally be a face to the name and a squeak for every hiccup. But until then I'm going to treasure the last few weeks I have of being pregnant. My body has done such an amazing thing over the last 35 weeks and I still can't believe a mini person - my little ***** boy - is actually in my tummy waiting to come out into the world. In a matter of weeks my body will know when to evict him changing my life forever and then go back to normal like nothing has happened. Pregnancy really is the most incredible, overwhelming and indescribable experience in the world and I fall in love with it more each day! (And little man too of course!)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

29 Weeks; A Message From Me To You

29 weeks - I can't believe it! This time next week it'll be the big 30 and the start of the last 10 week countdown! It only feels like yesterday that I found out we were expecting you but I also cannot imagine a time that we didn't know you were growing away inside of me. I remember looking up straight away, at 4 weeks, what you looked like; you were a tiny ball of cells that I just couldn't believe was mine. I watched you grow everyday in the beginning and knew every part of you that was forming. It makes me so emotional to think how much you've grown in what seems like such a short amount of time yet so much has happened! I remember feeling so worried that something would be wrong when we first got to lay eyes on you but everything was perfect and since then you've grown into a little wriggler who likes to lodge a foot under Mummy's rib at least twice a day and shy away whenever there's someone else or a camera around!

 I can't believe that we're now well into the last trimester (the time really is flying!) and I only have 11 weeks left of carrying you with me every second of the day and feeling all of your movements which are becoming so strong and frequent. It's such a special time and whilst I can't wait to have you here the thought of not being pregnant anymore makes me feel a little sad. I'm sure I'll feel differently the closer it gets to April and I can't bend down to get my shoes on or get out of bed without the help of a crane or oxygen tank, but right now I just want to be pregnant with you forever! I'm not too big at the moment but big enough to look in the mirror and see a now perfectly rounded bump staring back to me. I don't feel like I'm carrying any extra weight - I'm sure you're only going to be 6lb something - and I don't feel uncomfortable at all. I love having you there to always talk to and I love knowing that whatever I'm doing I am never alone. And of course I love using the 'I'm eating for two' excuse at any opportunity! But if I was to be pregnant forever I would never get to see what your little face looks like or how long those rib-kicking legs are or hear the cries your little lungs make. I would never know what you smell like; the good and the bad! And I would never know what it feels like to hold you in my arms knowing that you're all mine! Reaching 29 weeks feels bittersweet as it's one step closer to experiencing all of those magical moments but also losing all of the ones I love so much. They'll be times we're not together and it won't always be Mummy and *****. I won't fall asleep to the wriggles in my belly and I won't jump eagerly to the mirror every morning to see how much we've grown. But I know that, although it seems sad now, they'll be worth losing to have you here. I'm sure they'll be times I appreciate some 'me time' and I'll fall asleep instead to the sound of your sweet breathing (or crying!) and I'll jump eagerly to you for cuddles in the morning and see how much you're growing and changing everyday.

 I can't wait to see how much more you're going to grow over the next 11 weeks and how your wriggles are going to change. I can't wait to see one of your little hands or feet pop out for me to tickle and prod! You really are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I already can't imagine life without you. You've thrust me into the most amazing journey and overwhelmed me with a love that I can't truly understand and won't fully blossom until you're here in my arms. Knowing you for the last 25 weeks has been an amazing, emotional and beautiful blessing and I can't wait for the 11 more we have together just you and me as Mummy and bump.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Maternity Jeans, Midwife Appointments and Charity Shop Hauls

 Ever since I've started to get 'bumpy' I've lived in Primark swing and smock dresses as they're so comfy and such a bargain at £5. Mum's even found me some for £3 and £1! But for Christmas I got some maternity jeans - something I thought I would never wear as I didn't see the point in buying maternity clothes that would only last a few months. However, these are another Primark bargain (£5!) and even comfier and it's nice not to feel as frumpy as I do in dresses. These are a size 10 and too big at the top meaning they fall down as I walk which is a slight inconvenience but annoyingly the size 8 are too tight around my ever growing legs and bum! But today I braved them out for my visit to the midwife with my gorgeous new tartan scarf (another Christmas present) which was definitely a lot warmer than the dresses I've been living in!

 After a walk in the rain I finally got to the midwife and everything was perfect which made being splashed by a car whilst trying to pull my jeans up from my knees worthwhile! I even got to hear little man's beautiful heartbeat again which was very strong. She found it straight away which was a shock as he usually misbehaves during our appointments and lays in an awkward position meaning it takes her a while to find it. It's such a strangely proud moment when his heartbeat comes pounding through the monitor making the midwife smile and say how pleased she is. But then she sprung the announcement that it was time for a blood test! I hadn't mentally prepared for that today (it normally takes a few days) but I was big and brave even when she whipped out a vacuum (?!) to 'encourage' it out! I really have no idea how I'm going to cope in labour since I've never been in hospital before and having a blood test seems as bad as open heart surgery to me! (I'm really praying I don't end up having a c-section!) So to treat myself for being brave through my blood vacuuming ordeal I decided to do one of my favourite things; charity shop hunting! And I definitely wasn't disappointed. I found these gorgeous tea cups and plate and also treated myself to a few new books since I have lots of time to read them until (and probably only until) little man makes his appearance!

 I also found an ELC toy for £1.50 which is amazing as it works fine and is still in the shops for £10. I've always preferred second hand things to brand new as to me they have a story and a sense of history. This toy has obviously been well loved (or maybe not) as the poor rabbit is missing an ear! I don't always see the point in giving a baby or child a toy that is brand new when a second hand one works just the same, brings the same happiness and is so much cheaper!! We'll definitely be doing a lot more charity shop hunting for toys and books in the near future!

Monday, 5 January 2015

10 Pregnancy Facts

04/01/15 - 26 weeks and 4 days

1. We found out we were expecting on 31st July 2014 which came as a surprise to both of us! (Although I suspected for over a week before waiting to test! It was either a baby or diabetes!)

2. We had our first scan on 28th September and were so overwhelmed and overjoyed. The first glimpse we got was of long legs (upside down) kicking away along with the sound of the most amazing heartbeat. However, as my bladder was too full I had to empty it which was a massive relief as I was told to drink two pints of water beforehand! When we went back in our tiny baby was still upside down so we had to go for a walk before we could see our beautiful bundle properly. But when we did it was amazing! We got to see our 12 weeks and 4 days old baby kicking and moving its hand up to its face. We even saw it bounce up and down with hiccups which was unbelievably cute! And to complete our happiness we were told everything seemed normal and healthy. I can't describe the feeling of seeing our baby for the first time; I think it's the most amazing thing I will experience until I get to meet him in person and hold him for the first time.

Our first glimpse at 12 weeks and 4 days.
I still can't believe we have created something so perfect!

3. Our second scan was on 21st November; the day we got to find out the sex of our baby who was now kicking away with those long legs and making Mummy's tummy move. This time our baby wasn't so clear but we were told once again everything was healthy and we were expecting a gorgeous baby boy! I couldn't believe it! We'd always known it was a boy until our first scan when we looked up the 'nub theory' and convinced ourselves we were having a girl to the point we already had some floral baby grows and a girly bib! The lady showed us the testicles but I couldn't see them and asked her if she was sure! However, she couldn't see his heart properly and so another scan was booked for a later date. Of course I was then worrying like mad but was secretly happy I'd get to see my little man again, especially as he wasn't so clear this time round!

4. Our final scan was on 2nd December and we saw him just as clear as the first time! Thank goodness everything was okay with his heart and the lady was so lovely and complimentary and spent lots of time showing us all of his bits and pieces and telling us how cute he was. He was sleeping this time and so not as active but he was snuggled up against the placenta which was cute and at one point he did move his hand to his perfect little face. I couldn't believe how much he'd grown - especially since the first time we saw him! His head was still so perfectly round and his face so scrummy! Although it does look like he'll have Mummy's nose - poor boy! This time there was definitely no denying he was a boy! He was definitely not shy and the lady couldn't believe it saying his was one of the clearest she'd ever seen haha! Unfortunately Jason couldn't be there so I went with my Mum who was very shocked at her Grandson flashing to us all! 

Our gorgeous little man and his not so little jewels at 21 weeks and 6 days!

5. I'm sure little man has found a new home in my ribs as I keep getting a lot of pain and discomfort on my right hand side along with feeling squished and like I can't breathe!

6. I first felt definite movements at 18 weeks but was suspecting tiny flutters from as early as 14 weeks which I'm sure now were him moving around! The first time Jason felt him was definitely a moment to remember; his face was a picture! (Especially as he didn't quite believe I could feel him move already!)

7. I'm hoping for a water birth with just gas and air. I can definitely be a nightmare at times so I'm hoping I remember to breathe and listen to my midwife rather than demanding an epidural after 10 minutes!

8. I think my Grandad is the most excited of all our friends and family to meet our little man. His new nickname for him is 'Big Dick' which I hope will wear off before he arrives haha!

9. Although I am so so excited to meet him, I don't think it has properly sunk in that I am actually going to have a baby. Whilst my bump is rapidly getting bigger (chocolate or baby I'm not too sure!) and I often feel him wriggling around (no kicking sensations anymore), I find myself having to remember that there is a tiny person getting ready for his grand entrance who will rely solely on me for his nurture. I don't think it can seem truly real for anyone until their baby is actually here! And if I'm honest I do have times where I feel completely scared that I won't be good enough and so unworthy of something so perfect but then I get a little movement as if to reassure me that I am and will be good enough for him and then I can't wait to be a sleep deprived Mummy completely in love with her newborn!

10. Finally, we have picked a name for him which is completely perfect for many reasons and sums up my love of all things old. A few of my friends and family know but we've kept it a surprise for all of Jason's family with the clues; it is seven letters long, it is from the first half of the alphabet and the name he will be known by is five letters long. Only three months to go until everyone will find out!